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Menstruation was not something I appreciated as a teenager. It made me cringe just thinking about it. I felt very self-conscious and guilty when I became stained, and I often wished I was a male. When I started high school, I found I wasn't alone; other buddies felt the same way. One of my acquaintances told me that she stopped participating in sports because she was weary of the embarrassment of becoming dirty. From period cramps to changes in vaginal odor to obvious changes on the face and other parts of the body, puberty brings a variety of changes for females. And we don't get the treatment we need early because women are frequently squeamish about sharing these issues. Knowing more about my body and selecting the finest products to meet my daily needs and monthly flow improved certain things for me as a woman. Wait! Scratch that! It changed everything for me. Now I'm less concerned about my daily activities because I know no matter what. I've got this! And that's exactly what I want for you: to be confident every month and so you can tell yourself, "I've got this." The Lush Girl package has been thoughtfully crafted to cover the majority of your daily sanitary and self-care requirements.

What our subscriber are saying...

The Lushgirlbox is fantastic and I had a great time using it. I no longer have to bug my mom about my period needs.

KIKI- Tween

OMG! This is such a beautiful box. I'm glad I do not have to worry about my period products and vitamins anymore. 


I love everything about this fantastic box and my daughter also look forward to receiving her next box. Thanks.

TIWA - Mom